Friday, May 11, 2007

Mounting Un-Mounted Stamps

OK, since I said I was going to show you how I mount my stamps..I thought I had also better show you the correct way.
First off, there are many Stamp companies that are just selling the Rubber. Yes, it's cheaper for you to buy from them, but you still need to mount it right? So don't get confused.
Some of the companies I have gotten stamps like this from: MissyB, Mandarian Pixie, Stampin Bella. I know that there are more tho. GinaK offers them up both mounted or un-mounted.
I also know that The Angel Company is basically rubber but the foam comes with and you can use your acrylic blocks with their stamps. OR they have some blocks that are just 3/4" plexiglass.
When you order from a stamp company, you need to read directions FIRST!! Not after you get the rubber and you are wondering what the hey? If it comes as just rubber, then you need to order some sort of mounting foam.

I have found Cling Foam, Cling Vinyl and EZ Mount. You need to choose one of the three. Then using the adhesive side of the cushion, adhere it ot your rubber. Then carefully cut out your images. **this is the same as when you get SU! stamps now** Then those stamps can easily be clung to an acrylic block to stamp.
There are then also many ways to store them. You can get a binder and some STAMP AND STORE boards. I've heard people put them in CD cases. Whatever works for you.
Here are some pictures that might also help ------> How to Mount
Now onto what I did. The first time I bought unmounted stamps was from Mandarin Pixie. I was testing the waters there. Well, of course I neglected to read FIRST!! So I ended up with some rubber and nothing more. How sad...I wanted to stamp!! So I searched and ordered some Mounting foam from Cornish Heritage Farms. Again, Katie neglected to read first. So this foam was for mounting on wood blocks, like in SU! Do I have wood blocks? No.

So since I figured that TAC sells plexiglass, and so does my dad, why doesnt' that work. I had asked him to order me some 3/4" plexiglass, but he didn't. No worries.
By now I had ordered some new Missy B sets and wanted to use them. This time I didn't need to read, I just knew, yet I was so excited that I forgot to order the EZ Mount. So, I decided to be cheap and use up my permanant stuff.

So I went to my mom, and together we mounted the rubber on the foam, cut it out and then she cut the plexiglass. It's only 1/2" but it seems to be working for me. As you have seen I was stamping up a storm with them!
Does this make me a Redneck stamper? Prolly so!

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Tricia from CA said...

Thanks for the super-great instructions. Being a teacher, I also DO first, then READ! I am a bad example too! But time is so short and I have only 24 hours in my day. Need more! Now I can have some fun and know what I'm doing. THANK YOU!

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