Thursday, May 31, 2007

{This is why I love Heidi Swapp}

OK, if you don't know Heidi Swapp is a SuperStar of Scrapbooking Embellisments. OK, so that is what I would say anyway. LOL... The things she has in her line are so me and my way of scrapping! I love it.

And of course, I am a regular reader of her blog. It makes me happy that she is so down to earth, really. A real person, with real kids and a real life. So it makes me want to follow her line even more. Plus she is so super busy...with 4 kids, one the same age as McKinley and then she's expecting again! HOLY SMOLY!!

So anyway, the reason for my babble...she posted this on her blog today ------>Summer Hair

that is a great idea if you ask me! So I need to 1)order some of that ribbon 2) make my OWN head bands for McKinley and I! She looks cuter in them, but still..we have to match! LOL..

I just wanted to share that great idea!

We are off to take my FIL to his house and move him in. I think we are doing OK, but he is ready. He was arguing with Greg that is wasn't Thursday it was Friday today! WTH!! He wanted it to be moving day, so Dave got it ready for him today.

I also got to finish my cards for stamp club today and made a few others. I have a SWEET lady that I plan to give a bunch of them too!!

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