Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Mother's Day Cards and Radom Blogging

Here is one more Mothers Day card from the MissyB set. I liked the lil coupons that were in there and thought you really could use for anything. So be assured that I plan to use this set A LOT!! Ü

I just created a lil pocket and layered some paper on there. You are also prolly gonna see alot of this pp from TAC! It's just sitting on my table and I am using it up.
I used some scraps for the coupons themselves.
Random Blogging - Nothing real exciting, so if you don't want to be bored, you can leave now! LOL
Today I had to get up and make a Dessert Pizza for Teacher's Appreciation Week at school. It looked pale, but there were no kiwi's at the store. PO DUNK town!! Oh well.
Then RC and I went to the bank and set up some Pampered Chef stuff. I'm the Business in Focus for this week. Funny thing about PC and me. I was gonna back off for the summer. I haven't made my *Quotas* for the last few months and I was not really motivated to do anything. I'm not a real great salesperson. So I was going to back away and maybe re-evaluate things this fall. Well, the bank called as did a few others who wanted some orders. What does that mean? I don't know. I'll see what happens I guess but I just don't want to make the effort to really push it this summer.
I am going to Stamp Club tonight. It's a Salad supper which I need to finish..eek. We are doing pressed flowers. I'm kind of excited. Well, I'm always excited about Stamp Club.
I also have 2 more days of subbing. Period. I am so tired of it. The kids are so nasty and have no respect for me or anyone else. It's so sad. And again, I don't want to make the effort.
Am I just getting burnt out? Maybe. All I can say is that I want to pursue things that bring me joy. The rest I am tired of doing. LOL... Maybe I'm just being a whiner today.
Anyway, that was my rant for now. I better get my salad finished and dinner for the boys. I'll be back tomorrow...maybe refreshed after the stamp night, and to show you my pressed flowers, the way I mount my MissyB stamps and some creations!!
Have a good night!!


Cheryl said...

I can understand your becoming burnt out on subbing. I have my degree in school nursing and I worked as a sub for a half year for the nurse who was on leave and it was the worst job I ever had. The kids misused the nurses office, came in hung over from pot, and constantly wanted to be excused from classes. Horrible. Good luck with PC. I love the stuff and am going to a party next weeek.
I also just ordered my first Missy B stamps so am very anxious to see how you mount them as I have no clue. I will be watching your blog closely. Thanks for taking the time to post. Love reading it.
Cheryl Sims

Amanda Kennedy said...

How cute are those coupons?! I don't have any MissyB sets...after seeing your stuff, I really need to check them out! I read your comment on my blog and thought that I should come over here and check yours out as well!! GREAT job - love your cards!!! Looks like I'll be visiting more often!!

Amanda Kennedy said...

Hey Katie - I couldn't find your e-mail either...I'm in Helena, Alabama. But down here Helena is pronounced Hel-lee-na and up there I think its Helen-a, right? Us southern girls d-r-a-g o-u-t a-l-l o-f o-u-r w-o-r-d-s and sound like the belles in Gone With The Wind. (Yeah right!!!) :)

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