Thursday, May 03, 2007

{Another Clipboard}

Here is another one of the cute clipboards I made. I am not really sure what I'll do with this one. It's a bit bigger than this one. I may save it for a gift...I have some birthdays coming up.
One of them being Greg's but I don't think he wants this. LOL...and I already got his present coming tomorrow! Yeah! We are also BBQing...ok, well, not really. We were going to, but there is the recipe we really want to try out. It's for Frogmore Stew. It looks really good. I'll post the recipe later on.
Today my TODO list is long. I have to clean up some messes that were made this morning. David got up way to early!! Then I actually have a fun list to work on in my craft room, a few things that need to get done today and some swaps that I want to get going on.
Then errands....have to hit the store to get things for the dinner tomorrow and a salad next week.
But I wanted to get this posted today. Have a good Thursday!!

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