Thursday, May 24, 2007

{How sad}

First off, tonight was my cousins bachlorette party. It was pretty fun...scavanger hunt, off to the bars...home by 10:30. Say much! LOL..

The thing that is so sad, we stopped into one bar and you could hear this mom hollering on her cell phone to her daughter. Small town, I know her and her kids. She is hollering at her daughter (who's a 4th or 5th grader) to tell the 1st grade brother to get to bed. And if he gives you crap tell him he is grounded from the last day of school! What the heck!! Go home and tuck your kids in!! Oh Man!! It was just so sad that the entire place heard. The little boy is one of my sons friends so I just felt so bad!

OK, that was my rant. I know I was at the bar on a school night, but at least my kids had someone at home to tuck them in, and I wasn't there hollering at them on the phone.

Ok, good night!

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